Dear colleagues, ECC friends and members of the interventional community,

Let us start with a strong statement: we want to see you back in Lausanne on June 22-24, 2022 for the 15th edition of the ECC complications meeting, back to the roots at CHUV, a place where it all started in 1998.

After a successful 100% digital 14th edition on June 18-19 2021, we will shift radically to an on-site meeting with a “hybrid” flair.  Wherever and however possible, we are convinced that this will be feasible.

This year’s edition connected more than 900 healthcare professionals to our TV set in Lausanne.  Over 2 days, we learned by sharing complications cases from different hubs around the globe.  A warm thanks to the different scientific societies (South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan) and the Mayo Clinic hub.  With modesty, we believe that this initiative was innovative and successful, technically and on a scientific basis.

The 2022 edition wishes to return to the proven model of dedicated complication sessions (coronary, structural and interventional subsets) based on the best cases received. Wherever the presenters come from, we will get you over to Lausanne.  On the other hand, the hub concept is here to stay and will be further explored with scientific societies from around the globe.  On top, being a Swiss based meeting, we wish to strengthen the ongoing collaboration with the Swiss working group Interventional Cardiology.

ECC does not stand without its world-class faculty.  Their input during the case presentations, their lectures on unusual interest topics,  brand the spirit of ECC: the ability to share our errors without barriers.  Finally, we need to acknowledge the support of our valued industry partners.  Come over in June 2022 and experience that ECC state of mind again.  It has been too long…

On behalf of the ECC directors, co-directors and the Lausanne, we look forward to meeting you next June in Lausanne.

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ECC Learning Objectives:

○ Interact and learn by case sharing with colleagues from across the globe
○ Enrich our knowledge on the prevention and management of complications based on interactive case presentation
○ Cover the broad field of interventional cardiology with particular interest for coronary, valve and structural interventions
○ Share rare complication cases and demonstrate innovative management techniques


Actors and care-takers in the field of interventional cardiology willing to learn or improve their knowledge in the prevention and treatment of complications.

Updates in Complications by 2021 ECC Panel

Prof. Eric Eeckhout interviewing Prof. Emanuele Barbato